Leave your raw data to us and we will provide influential reports for your easy decisions

Desk by dtmweb has special employees for your data analysis and report generation. Data will be presented according to metrics that will run your business better than before.

  • Pour in all your data: Every single information is important to your business. Our specialists will be taking your data and analyze them to give you the complete picture. We guarantee the analytics will help you in the long run.
  • Have brilliant reports made by us: Your data will be presented in reports to help understand the business better. Our analysts will take all analysis metrics in consideration and provide you with options that can maximize wealth.
  • Data analyzed in the least expense: Save money on getting data analyzed and focus more on investments. We promise to deliver the best in a price you will be more than happy about!

Working Process

Project Manager - A project manager will be briefed about your project and tasks. He will ensure project completion and quality of work.
Your Team - A skilled group of people will be getting your things done. They will be handpicked according to project requirements.
Quality Assurance - The project manager will check and maintain quality of your project so that you have no complaints!
Get the job done - Receive your project in the way you like. If you are satisfied with your team you can assign more tasks!

Explore More

Experience incredible applications along with data analysis and report generation

Have multiple facilities with our integrated applications for the best output in data analysis and other functions. Maximize business performance with more options in hand.

  • Survey application for all statistical purposes: Analyze information on statistical methods. Share results with team members and compare analysis of data with different metrics.
  • Have performance overview and analyze data: See all your tasks whether they are pending or completed. Assign team members so you can have accurate data analysis on their work.
  • Data analysis on performance of workers and deadlines: Timesheet records the performance of employees; their deadlines and objectives of tasks. Analyze how well employees are contributing with forecasts in mind.
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We provide cloud platform for Businesses. The platform comes along with solutions to cover all three stages of a business life cycle which includes turning your idea to a product > Promoting your business to your target market > Providing you business apps when you need them. Guess what? All these happen in our cloud platform.