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We make sure your campaign goes right and optimize cost by calibrating strategies based on responses.

  • Social campaigns: A social media campaign differs from a television or print media campaign due to the fact that you receive constant feedback from your audience which requires you to adapt and tweak your strategy accordingly and the Desk by dtmweb keeps maximum responsiveness with the audiences.
  • Brand Values: We work dedicatedly to ensure that all the contents are according to the brand's core values, truly hold the brand identity and adapts best practices.
  • Analytics & ROI: Comprehensive reports keeps abreast all the activity and easily track success rate. Calculating ROI will help you to craft rational strategies for future.

Working Process

Project Manager - A project manager will be briefed about your project and tasks. He will ensure project completion and quality of work.
Your Team - A skilled group of people will be getting your things done. They will be handpicked according to project requirements.
Quality Assurance - The project manager will check and maintain quality of your project so that you have no complaints!
Get the job done - Receive your project in the way you like. If you are satisfied with your team you can assign more tasks!

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Make your campaigns even stronger with our integrated apps.

Our dynamic apps keep your campaign results sorted and helps to be more optimized every single day.

  • Mass Mailing Campaign: Simply drag your contents and drop to design your emails.
  • CRM: Trail your opportunities and invite them to transform as revenue generating leads.
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We provide cloud platform for Businesses. The platform comes along with solutions to cover all three stages of a business life cycle which includes turning your idea to a product > Promoting your business to your target market > Providing you business apps when you need them. Guess what? All these happen in our cloud platform.