Answer them live to ensure great support

Real time support system for customers from anywhere at any time

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Do it live!

Live engagement ensures more conversions

  • Chat online with customers and website visitors in real time.
  • No need for a special chat server, everything is done through your website in the cloud.
  • Provide your visitors with information in a fast and simple way - direct chat with customers on your website has never been easier! .

Choose your audience

Engage directly to specified targets

Create channels to filter your audience by country and provide better customer service by engaging with your customers and website visitors using the right language and tone.

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Accessible anywhere within the modules of the cloud OS

Chat with anyone from anywhere

Keep chatting with your customers being on our OS and get the privilege to do multitasking by operating through other apps. Access all information at the same time as the conversation window is open so you can give accurate and precised answers

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Respond faster with customized templates

Have pre-written responses for quick engagement.

Assign keyboard shortcuts for customized templates so that specified targets remain interested. Customize templates anywhere with your device to respond to behavioral changes. Add shortcuts as much as you like!

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