Discrete expense management

Manage all employee expenses with ease. Know where and how resources are spent to take quick decisions.

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Expense reports are now easy to make

All records in one single app

Managing your employees' daily expenses has never been easier. Whether it's transportation expenses, office supplies, food bill, mobile bill or any other employee expenditure, record and access all receipts and expense submissions from your Expenses dashboard and create, validate, or refuse them in just a click. Everything can be done in real-time, directly through the app!

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No more losing receipts!

Upload all your receipts directly into the expense app from anywhere!

Now, employees can attach copies of their receipts directly to the expense app to avoid losing them. Take a picture of the receipt and add as an attachments with any device and send to a designated email address. utilize time and enhance efficiency by keeping a composed and complete record of all expenses.

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Manage expenses based on teams!

Track your team’s expenditure in real-time

Simply keep an eye on the expense records across the entire team to have a grip on the costs. Also it helps to ensure that the target is met within the budget. Access from anywhere and any device, it is all in the cloud.

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Distribute the workload and expenses among all the departments.

Get the whole team involved at a time to increase transparency.


Draft and create expenses, add notes on vouchers, and upload receipts to the expense record.

Grant or refuse expenses with a click. Add additional comments, edit or request additional information.

Record all your company expenses as well as employee expenses, create invoices and proceed for payments, simple!