Get insights to be more focused to your customers

Organize leads, acquire opportunities and accurate forecasts to ensure growth.

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Get meaningful accurate forecasts

Create data driven metrics to take better decision

Make the most of your decisions accurate with the insights of the App Customize your dashboard to exactly portray what you want Create and share real-time reports and flow charts to make data-driven decisions.

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Do more and engage less

Access to great insights of your customers

You can automate activities on the Cloud Operating System based on your sales scripts like calls, meetings, mailing and quotations. You can know your customers more by accessing information like how many times your page is viewed and what number of email you received.

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Real-time overview

Have control on your performances & next activities on Cloud OS.

Access to the data of your team's performance and compare with the monthly targets. You can organize all of your tasks based on your scheduled actions.

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Know your customers and be connected with them

Real-time messaging to enhance collaboration.

Once you are in the Cloud OS, you can have a quick overview on what’s going on in your team. See when is the last time your colleagues logged a call or sent a quote to youforecastsr customer. You can catch up with your team if you were away by sending real time ideas or files.

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